Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One Year Stats

Weight: 16 pounds, 10 ounces (still only the in the 1st percentile, but the kid has nearly quintupled her birth weight in a year!)

Height: 29 inches (almost the 50th percentile- go Lucy!)

Teeth: Two

Current Mode of Transport: Crawling, finally! She's up on her knees and everything. And suddenly she's an absolute pro at going up the stairs, which I'm ridiculously impressed with. I apparently didn't think she would be stair climbing until like ten years from now.

Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, Strawberries, and Gerber Puffs (or, as my friend Bekah calls them, "Baby Crack").

Vocabulary: Extensive. She says: hi, baby, daddy, mama, grandpa, kitty, dolly, doggie, ducky, yeah, bear, bunny, and probably some others I'm forgetting right now.

Favorite Activities: Watching for daddy to come home, being outside, eating, and being naked (if I arranged for all of these things to happen all at once, I would have one happy naked baby).

Least Favorite Activities: Getting dressed, being smeared with lotion, having me poke around in her mouth for new teeth, and having her face cleaned off.

Favorite Toys: Her new dolly, her talking doggie, any stuffed animal, Henry the Cat, my lens cap, and plastic soda bottles with caps to chew on.

And since I can't possibly post without including pictures, here are a few of Lucy trying out her little pool for the first time:

Wrinkley toes prove she had a good time!


Heather Keele said...

Wow! I can't believe she's one already! I just have to say - all those pictures below from her party and everything are so CUTE!!! I love the cake and hat - what a great idea. I'm impressed by the cute quilt you made, the darling invitations, the whole thing. What an awesome mama you are!

Bekah said...

oh my goodness! She had to one-up Allison who< thankfully, is not crawling up the stairs yet! All your posts looked like so much fun! We miss baby Lucy. She is adorable, and so big! You'll have to explain to me how you made that quilt again. It turned out fantastic!

Lauri's Photography said...

I dido everything Heather said. you are amazing. :)

I just might have to copy your idea when Jack is one year old.

Lauri's Photography said...

Oh, and I'll still take a party invite, after the fact, if you still have any. :)
I'll put it in Jack's scrap book. Which I have one page done. I'm on a roll.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, wrinkled toes!!! SO cute. She's so big! You're right, anything over ten pounds just seems gigantic.

Amy said...

My husband and I think you need to enter the first photo you posted of the hose and Lucy's hand in the pool in a contest. That's an awesome shot!