Wednesday, February 10, 2010

You can never have enough Halloween.

So sure, Lucy's Halloween costume was cute, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't "six months at the top of this blog" cute. How about we move on?

Here are some things that Lucy is all about at 2 1/2 (okay, fine, we're closer to 3 than 2 1/2 now, but I'm a bit freaked about that 3rd birthday thing, what with it making my teensy baby a preschooler overnight. Jerk).

Lazy and unoriginal naming conventions: Lucy's animals are all named according to color. Her turtle is "Blacky the Turtle". Her horse is "Browny the Horse". Her lion is "Yellowy the Lion". And so on. If I'm reading her a book, and she asks me what an animal in the book's name is, I'm apt to make up a name, like Fluffy, or Mittens. This makes her angry, since clearly, that's Orangey the Cat.

Dinosaur obsession: Not much to say here, since this isn't a terribly unique thing for a kid to love. But I am kind of pleased that her favorite thing is a plastic Triceratops instead of a Disney princess (though I''ve accepted that her eventual love of all things pink and glittery is probably unavoidable).

Singing: Lucy finally got the hang of singing around Thanksgiving time, and she hasn't stopped since. The Christmas songs were clear favorites for a while, but now she really belts out the Jackson 5, They Might Be Giants, and Pink.

Some favorite things: The library, hide and seek, playdoh, any food that can be eaten off cake beaters, anything number or letter related, using the potty only when she feels like it, daddy's guitar, forming attachments to impossibly tiny toys that she loses about 15 times a day.

Some not so favorite things: Using utensils (or feeding herself in any manner, come to think of it), fast food, naps, failing at anything, Sterling or I being on the computer instead of playing with her, anyone or anything being sad, sharing, taking turns, being patient, (insert any other polite behavior here).

And, a video of Lucy demonstrating her fabulous singing and dancing (and her incredible ability to produce snot). Remember that one time, before I had kids, how I swore that no child of mine would ever, ever have a crusty, nasty, booger face? Yeah, that was awesome.