Friday, August 14, 2009

Turning Two

Lucy turned two on June 15th, to a lot less fanfare then when she turned one, due to the fact that we arrived in Washington the day before. So here I am, two months later, still recovering from the move, but finally ready to do her two year old post.

So far, I have to say, two is awesome. Lucy is a ridiculous amount of fun, and I love having her as my little buddy as I try and navigate our new town. Here are some facts about Lucy at age two:

Favorite things to do:

-Read. Or at least do a really good impression of reading by reciting most of her books from memory.
-Go for walks and hikes, preferably on Daddy's shoulders, so she can yell "giddy-up Daddy!"
-Anything outdoors.

Favorite foods:
-Green beans, blueberries, fruit snacks, Life cereal, tomatoes. Anything she can stuff in her mouth at the farmer's market.

Least favorite foods:
-She's not a big fan of meat, but she can be persuaded to eat pretty much anything.

Cool new skills:
-Counting to 10 and recognizing her numbers
-Saying and recognizing her ABC's
-Coming up with ridiculously complete sentences. The other morning she said "My daddy is going to get me the pink blanket". Just like that. Add to that the fact that she asked me for an iphone the other day, and I feel like I very nearly have a pre-teen on my hands.

As-of-yet unacquired skills:
-Jumping. She has some sort of mental block. Or she doesn't even realize she's not doing it. She will try all day, and never leaves the ground. I have to admit, it's way more entertaining this way. I'll have to post a video of her futile jumping efforts.

Preferred Expletive:
-"Shoot!" She has dabbled in a few more offensive terms (nooooo idea where she picked that up...) but thank goodness none of those stuck.

Most commonly heard phrase:
-"Lucy want _______". I'm trying to teach her to say "May I have ______ please?", because I think if I hear that 4 billion times a day instead, my head will be a lot less likely to explode.

Oh, and the latest stats are 23 pounds and 35 inches tall. On the chart on both counts now. Go Lucy!