Sunday, June 15, 2008

Big day for my two favorite people

Happy 1st Birthday to Lucy, and Happy (sort-of) first Father's Day to Sterling! (It's the first one we've celebrated anyway. Last year we were a bit to distracted to really commemorate things. Although, I guess Lucy being born two nights before was about as celebratory of a Father's Day as Sterling could have asked for).

We had a nice laid back day. We gave Lucy a few little gifts in the morning, and after church we headed up to the mountains, where it seems like spring is *finally* arriving.

Here's Lucy in the BYU gear Sterling got for her. Evidently, we need to get her prepared for football season.

This is the quilt I made for Lucy for her birthday. I absolutely made it the laziest, cheating-est way possible, and it still took me a ridiculous amount of time, and I'm thoroughly resolved to never make another as long as I live. Also, I totally stole the idea from *someone* on the internet. Which I know really narrows it down. Anyway, I can't find the link to give them credit, but I would like to. That counts, right?

My two favorite people in the whole world. The best husband and father, and the best baby girl I could have asked for. I feel insanely lucky, every single day.

Lucy's one year appointment is Tuesday, I'll give her stats then, and a rundown of all the awesome stuff about her at one year old. Prepare for a long list, since I'm convinced (to an annoying degree) that she's pretty much the coolest kid ever.


Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday on my birthday to Lucy, can't think of anyone cuter to share my day with. I hope to meet you one day Lucy. Then I'll tell you how I had to talk your dad into asking our your mom in the first place. Wait till you hear what your mom said!

The Becker Bunch said...

She is just ADORABLE...happy birthday sweet Lucy!! What a happy day for you and your hubby, Shauna!! The pictures are beautiful and she is getting SO big!! I ADORE the will have to post how you made it!!

Marianne & Clayton said...

What the *@%$*? Sorry, but come on. First the hat and now the quilt. You are a freaking rock star. Ya ya, Lucy's adorable, blueberry eyes, yada yada yada. But more about your freakish hidden talents. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I don't care what part of it is "cheating", it is still an amazing feat. You are incredible. Sorry for the swearing and gushing. I know neither are appropriate for blogs,but too bad. You're awesome.

In the thick of it said...

Happy Birthday to Lucy!! I can't believe she is already 1. It's been a good year, huh? And I love the quilt. I've always wanted to make one, but I can't even sew on a button. But I love quilts.

Melinda said...

My goodness, your quilt is GORGEOUS as are your pics of your girly! You are a rockstar Mama!

Lauri's Photography said...

Your quilt is soooo cute! Is it machine stitched, or did you do it all by hand?
Seeing these photos makes me miss you guys.