Monday, December 15, 2008

18 months

As of yesterday, our little Lucy girl is 18 months old. I have to say, I have been dreading this milestone. This one, for some reason, is the one that makes her seem far too grown up for my taste. It's the one where we can pretty much stop counting age her age in months. It's a year and a half now. Then two years, and then three, and then forty-five. *sob* It's the one where we stop being with her for all of church, and where she goes off with the big kids. There keeps being less and less baby in our little baby Lucy, and I would like to file a formal complaint with someone about how fast this all goes. That said, she is turning in to such a cool kid that I guess I can't begrudge her a little growing up.

So here are a few things that fill Lucy's time now that she's 18 months old:

The girl LOVES to read. She can spend an entire hour just flipping through her books, flinging them behind her after she's done, and grabbing another from the basket. Her current favorites are The Bunny Book by Richard Scarry, and a Courduroy counting book that makes me think longingly of never again laying my eyes on the written word. Especially after reciting it to her for the 23rd straight time.

Lucy is a little talking machine. She says well over 100 words, and has started using two word phrases. (see me, read me, love you, bunny book, etc) She even busted out with "I love Pa Pa" the other night for her favorite person, Grandpa. And this next thing should probably go in the reading section, but whatever...she also suddenly and inexplicably knows about half of the letters in the alphabet. I have no idea how, since we've spent exactly zero time teaching it to her. I can tell you this-it is all making her seem far too grown-up, so we will be immediately enforcing some sort extensive brain-melting tv time. No PBS for her. Maybe a nice beauty pageant reality show? Something on VH1? There must be something to stunt all of this learning.

Fit Throwing:
Lucy is definitely developing a toddler temperment. Her ability to exercise any sort of patience, for anything, is pretty much non-existent. While I'm sure they won't always be, right now the fits she throws are pretty hilarious, and it's really hard for me not to laugh out loud everytime she balls up her little fists and gets all red.

Lucy still pretty much loves eating everything. Every morning she asks for "elmo", which after a few frustrating mornings, I discovered was "oatmeal". She loves "cawdoe" (avacado), peas, soup, cheese, cheerios, and most of all, "tookies" (cookies). Lately, she's not as big of a fan of yogurt, probably due mostly to the fact that I just bought a ton of the stuff.

Lucy loves to walk around the house, Frankenstein-style, with hers arms stiff and straight in front of her. (her right arm tends to be drawn closer to her ear, which makes it sort of seem like she should be bellowing out a healthy "Hile Hitler"). The walking seems to be mostly for entertainment purposes at this point, since if she *really* wants to get somewhere, she's still all about the crawling.

Oh, and as for stats (as if you haven't yet overdosed on trivial information about our kid), here is where she was at her appointment this afternoon:
Weight: 20 pounds, 6 ounces, and FINALLY on the charts at the 4th percentile!
Height: 32 inches, which is at a HUGE 62nd percentile!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

ho ho!

Lucy knows just what Santa says, and she was pretty excited to meet him in person today. This Santa was *much* better than the blue-shirted one from last year. A blue shirt? I'm still so puzzled. This Santa was donning only red, white and black, as it should be.

(is it wrong of me to kind of want one of those fabulous screaming-her-head-off pictures with Santa instead?)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Busy, busy.

We've been busy around here, Lucy included. Here's a little video clip of what has (finally) been occupying her time...

Go Lucy!!!