Friday, September 25, 2009

Olympic Peninsula

We took a trip with Sterling’s family to the Olympic Peninsula last week, and we had so much fun. Lucy was thrilled to be on another “a benture” (adventure), and she had a thoroughly fabulous time. I have literally 700 pictures from the trip, but here are some of Lucy’s (and my) favorite moments.

Our first stop was to the Olympic Game Farm, a must see for anyone in the Pacific Northwest (and, frankly, a must see for pretty much anyone, period). I thought Lucy’s head would explode from excitement every time she saw/fed a new animal.

The joy in this picture was inspired by these guys:

And this guy:

And him:

Lucy and Aunt Robin with a friendly sheep:

Lucy had a great time exploring the big trees that seem to be everywhere in the area, and it was even better that her cousins were all there too:

We also spend some time at the beach exploring tide pools, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lucy quite so engrossed and happy and just blissed out in general. She was wet from head to toe within minutes, and at one point I looked up and she was on all fours, sticking her head in one of the tide pools. Too bad I was too busy grabbing her to get a picture.

Happy, happy, happy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday self-portrait

Last year on my birthday, I took a picture of Lucy and I hanging out in the backyard, and I thought it would be a fun tradition to do every year. So today I attempted to take the birthday self portrait with Lucy. It's a bit more difficult with a two year old than it was with a one year old, (and lot more difficult when the remote for the camera is dead). So we have, instead, a series of pictures that all are a little lacking. Use your mental Photoshop, and I'm sure you can piece together a fabulous shot.

Here's the picture from last year...

And here are the shots from today...

And yes, Lucy has been wearing that top for the last three seasons. I highly recommend buying sweater dresses that can be used as tunic-y tops the next year. I'm pretty sure she'll be wearing it next year as well. This staggering amount of practicality on my part surely makes up for the shopping spree I went on for Lucy today, yes?