Friday, September 26, 2008

The Nursery

So I realized that I had promised pictures of Lucy's nursery right after we finished it. So I'm running a little (twelve months) behind. And also, I haven't really finished it. I have big plans for all sorts of other stuff to make it feel a little more filled in. But I'm guessing this is as close as it's going to get, since soon she's sure to be begging for tacky Bratz dolls and Dora the Explorer and Elmo everywhere. And at that point, instead of getting warm happy feelings from this room, I may actually get the dry heaves a little. So I'm loving it while I can.

This is the view when you come in.

Lucy's usual position at the bookshelf.

Above Lucy's crib.

Sterling's mom got us the cute little flower rug.

The print on the left is by Jen Corace, one of my favorite artists in the world. This is a children's print, so it's just cute, but mostly, her art is cute with a little bit of creepy. Which is basically my favorite combo. Love her. Speaking of which, I wouldn't mind terribly if someone wanted to go ahead and purchase this newly released bit of loveliness for me.

The print above the changing table is by this etsy artist.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lucy turned 15 months old a few days ago, but I was waiting for her dr.'s appointment to do a stats update. So here you go:

Weight: 18.1 pounds! She keeps gaining about 2 pounds every 3 months, so it's conceivable that she could bust the big 2-0 at her 18 month appointment. (p.s., can't BELIEVE that her next appointment is 18 months. Sob).

Height: a huge mystery. The nurse was new, and measured it at exactly what it was at 12 months. Impossible, judging by the fact that her pants are all about 4 inches too short.

Transportation: still crawling, but she has started getting really good at standing alone. I think she could probably do it without falling, ever, but after about a minute, she realizes what she's doing and collapses to the ground in a fit of nervous giggles.

Things I love about Lucy at 15 months: It would be most accurate to just say "everything", but since that's not terribly helpful in terms of chronicling Lucy's development, how about we start with this:

-Hugs. Lucy hugs are freaking amazing right now. They're the kind of full body, squeeze with all her might sort of hugs that would force even the biggest baby-hater to pull a Grinch and grow a heart. I get them like 10 times a day, and they still make me a little weepy.

-Learning. She is learning like crazy. She says so many words now (we stopped counting at 40), and it's so fun how much she understands. After months of stabbing in the dark at what she really wanted, it's incredible now to have her tell us. And when we ask her if she wants something, and she does, she lets out an excited "YEAH", and bounces up and down on her little bum, like she's just as excited about all of this communication as we are.

-Quirkiness. She's turning in to her own little person, and that person is turning out to be hilarious. From her funny little dance moves, to her bizarre facial expressions, to her uncontrollable excitement about really random stuff, she is so much more entertaining than I ever expected.

Anyway, 15 months is just awesome. If someone could share a method of keeping her this age for a little longer (freeze-drying?), I would be most appreciative.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Perfect day

My goodness, what a fabulous, relaxing birthday I've had. I went running with Lucy in the morning. After that we went and visited my mom at her first grade classroom (it's her birthday too- happy birthday mom!) Then we came home and shared a sandwich from Kneaders. Turkey on ciabatta-mmm. Then we made some birthday brownies, Sterling came home for lunch, Lucy went down for a nap (two hours!), and I vegged on the couch nearly the whole time (I did rouse myself to go and grab a brownie. Way to go me).

After Lucy's nap, I grabbed blankets, books, brownies and the camera, and she and I ventured out in to our increasingly jungley backyard for a couple of hours. It was the perfect temperature, there were birds everywhere, hardly any bugs, and I think we both could have stayed out there all day. We nearly did, until Lucy wandered right through a enormous pile of poop. Thank you, neighbor dog. It was still so great though-pretty much the perfect day. And I still have tonight! After Lucy goes to bed, it's all about the couch, pizza, hanging with The Boy. And naturally, more brownies. (and lest you think my birthday celebrations will only last one day, Sterling is taking me on a fabulous date Saturday night while my parents watch Lucy. Thanks mom and dad!)

(I can't believe a picture taken while my camera balanced on a stuffed animal actually worked. It's a birthday miracle!)

Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm unsure as to how another entire month has gone by without a post. My main excuse is just general busy-ness, with a good healthy dose of lazy thrown in there. But, at long last, here is a recap of what Lucy has been doing with her last few weeks of summer:

Taking baths in the sink (and on an unrelated note, eating lots of tomatoes. The kid loves herself some tomatoes).

Playing with her pretty princess beads.

Taking trips up the canyon...

...and trips to the petting zoo.

Going to the park...

...and finally discovering how awesome the swings are.


...and teething some more.

Trying to figure out how to whistle.

Pointing at EVERYTHING.

And just being generally cute. So ridiculously cute.