Monday, May 18, 2009


When we bought our house five years ago, there was a huge amount that needed to be done. Seriously. An absurd, daunting amount. We really had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to. But now, after tons of help from family and friends, and some frantic projects in the last few weeks, it is finally really close to what we wanted. It's a little (a lot sad) to have to leave it now that it is finally coming together, but hopefully the renters will like it (and take care of it. Is it possible? I've heard it isn't).

Anyway, here's a glimpse in to the before and after of our house. The before shots are from when the little old lady we bought it from was still living here. I am laughing so hard at the before shots. What were we thinking??? I honestly have no idea how we saw any potential whatsoever through the endless knick-knacks, clutter, and terrible wood paneling. Wow. I can't believe I had forgotten how bad it was.





Living Room: (no before shots of this, but I'm sure you can picture it. Lots of rose wallpaper. I wasn't previously aware of this fact, but apparently, one can never have enough pink floral wallpaper).

Friday, May 8, 2009

Backyard fun

One of the things I'm really sad about leaving when we move is our backyard. It's not going to win any landscaping awards, but it is a perfect yard for a kid. There are big trees, little shaded nooks and crannies to explore, a hill to roll down, and tons of flowers, birds and bugs. For whatever reason, we haven't really spent that much time out there with Lucy until this year. Today I took a break from my frantic moving schedule (and Lucy from her frantic Mickey Mouse Clubhouse watching schedule) to hang out in the backyard and play in some dirt.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Luck Daddy!

For those who haven't heard, our little family is going to be relocating in the next month, and the Sterling part of our family already has relocated. Lots more about the move to come (since the thought of pulling it off is making my head very nearly explode), but for now, Lucy has a message for her Daddy, who starts his new job tomorrow!