Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I shoveled snow three times yesterday, and getting out of the driveway was STILL a questionable proposition this morning. I just got finished shoveling again. I have four huge blisters. We have gone through 3 bags of ice melt in the past month.

It is January 7th. There are a good three months left of gigantic blizzards, treacherous driving, freezing temperatures and bulky sweaters, and I am already sick to death of winter. So, in the spirit of willing (begging) spring to make an early appearance, I went out and bought Lucy a swimsuit today. She loves it, I love it, and I swear it made things seem at least a few degrees warmer.

In the grand tradition of little girls everywhere, she wanted to leave it on all day. I'm pretty sure that if I looked this cute in a swimsuit, I wouldn't want to wear anything else either.


Jeanne said...

You ought to come down to AZ and leave the snow. Burr can see his mom. You can stop and visit us!

Melinda said...

Oddly, I was on a search for a swimsuit for my 5 year old today as well. Let's get outta town and go someplace warm with our kiddos!

Marianne & Clayton said...

How strange, I also tried on swimsuits the other day. Only not maternity, just the ones I thought might fit over the planet that is my front. Ya- not such a good idea. At least it made me love my sweaters and sweat pants again.

As for Lucy. So freaking adorable. Where did you get it? Nevermind- I am going to just write to you.

Heather said...

That swimsuit is too adorable! I love the little skirt on it. And I have to say that I'm so sorry that you've already caught the waiting-for-spring bug. Once you catch that, it's too, too hard to wait. I'm still enjoying the pretty, snowy weather, but my enthusiasm is definitely waning a bit - give me a few more weeks and I'll be busy planning my flower beds and vegetable garden already.

Lauri's Photography said...

ya! an update! I've missed you guys and the snow has made me fill like a shut in.
I agree- Winter Go Away!

Today, I've been looking online for Jack swim suits, but not finding anything striking. Just a lot of the same boring stuff for boys. Not even Gap has anything I like. But Lucy's suit is cute as she is.