Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas number two!

I took a LOT fewer pictures of Christmas with Lucy this year. I'm a little sad about that, but it was nice not spending the whole time behind the camera, and I did get a few shots. She was so fun this year, and I'm not sure she could have possibly been more delighted about everything.

Christmas Eve at my parent's house. The highlight was watching Lucy struggle with all her might to walk with her gigantic new snow boots attatched to her feet.

Grandma Nancy with Lucy

Grandpa Fred and Lucy

New Christmas pajamas (she is more than a little sleepy-we kept her up past 10, and she was such a trooper).

Later on, at our house. Santa came!

The gigantic 6 foot tall doggy we had been unsuccessfully hiding from her for months. She spied it in a closet right after we brought him home, and ever since, she faithfully checked every closet in the house, hoping he would make a reappearance.

DOGGIEEEE!!!! is all she had to say about her presents, and she spent the whole of Christmas morning hugging him and climbing on him and totally ignoring any other gifts she might have had. It is by far her favorite possession, and I have a feeling we're going to be lugging this thing around with us for the rest of our lives. It's cute now...but in 20 years, when she is gone at college and it is covered in filth? Not so much.


Jeanne said...

You think you are joking about the dog for 20 years... my sister went to BYU with her blankee...

Carol said...

Ha! I remember your parents' lovely carpet from the one time I came to your house post-LA field trip...beauty. : )

I'm amazed you were able to hide that dog at all. He's humongous (is that how you spell that word?) Benno would've gone nuts over that. That stocking is adorable too.

Mindy Williams said...

HIlarious. I loved seeing your parents. Man Lucy is so super cute. We like to wear our leotard if we can't get into the swimsuit for the day....dresses are the bane of my existence in winter since it is a battle to get tights, pants, sweater or something else to go with the darn dress. oh my, girls are fun!

Amy said...

Have you ever seen the movie Willow? With that cute baby that's so expressive? Lucy reminds me of her, simply because of all her great expressions. She's adorable!

Bekah said...

HeeHeeHee! So cute! That girl and her stuffed friends! I loved your pictures! I spend Christmas holding the camera, then feeling guilty about not living in the moment, so I would put it down, enjoy the moment, the feel guilty that I wasn't capturing the moment repeat.repeat.repeat!