Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Lucy hasn’t been sitting up on her own, and in the grand tradition of overly neurotic first-time parents, we were getting a little bit worried. As it turns out, Lucy was perfectly capable of sitting up, she had just never found a terribly compelling reason to do so. She found her motivation in the form of this little yellow talking phone from Grandma Nancy’s house. She can’t seem to resist sitting up to play with it, despite her enduring love of lounging around on her back and letting us do her bidding.

She eventually always gets back to rolling around on the carpet.


Mindy Williams said...

How cute! I guarantee that is a vintage toy from your childhood! So glad to see her enjoying it. What funny things these kids love! She is so stinking cute, as if you didn't know!

Carol said...

We have one of those phones here too...the batteries died but I'm in no hurry to replace them. : )

She's way funny that she finally found a good reason to sit up.

Bekah said...

Evan says:"Baby pretty, pretty baby! There's the pretty baby. Cute baby. Love baby." When he was looking at the pictures with me.

And she is cute!

Melinda said...

I love the thighs! They are so cute and chubby...chubby babies are the best.