Friday, February 15, 2008

Eight Months!

Lucy turned eight months old today! Here are a few little things about Lucy at eight months old:

-She will eat anything. But vegetables and rice cereal are her favorite. And spaghetti. And bananas. And oatmeal. Seriously, this kid is a hungry hungry little hippo.

-She babbles a ton. It's possible she has said both DaDa and ball (both the DaDa and the ball think so), but every time I try to get her to say Mama, she just laughs.

-Until yesterday, she had never gotten sick. Not once! And I was starting to get all sorts of smug about it, so of course she immediately came down with something. Just a little temperature, and the sniffles, and she seems to be getting over it already. Except for the sniffle part- oh my heavens, the amount of snot that little delicate girl can produce is nothing short of amazing.

-Baby clothes sizing is screwy. I know this isn't so much about Lucy at eight months, but let's take a look at what Lucy is wearing today. 6-12 month jeans. Newborn onesie. 3-6 month sweatshirt. They all fit her great. Huh.

-She has in irrational fear of buzzing noises. Like if you're doing a fun game to get her to eat, and you do a fun buzzing noise like a bee while you're flying a big fun spoonful of squash to her mouth? NOT FUN. She will freak the heck out. (it's possibly the only thing that will actually get her to *stop* eating).

Um, Lucy's hair no longer fits in pictures.

Speaking of which, thanks for all the comments on the V-day photo. I'm thrilled with the festive possibilities of Lucy's hair. That front tuft is probably long enough to fashion a nice silhouette of George Washington in honor of President's Day.


Marianne & Clayton said...

That is my favorite thing I have heard all week. Let's play soon.

Melinda said...

Can you pass some of that eating over to Sara? Ours is inordinately picky! Count your lucky stars!

Lauri said...

Your writing makes me laugh. I can totally hear you saying it too. :)