Friday, December 14, 2007

We took Lucy to see Santa last week. It was fine, and Lucy seemed wholly unconcerned that a huge, hairy stranger was holding her. I do have a few issues with what Santa was wearing. Where is the red coat? Where is the hat? A festive blue shirt does not a Santa make! Oh well, his beard was real, I guess that counts for something.

Also, Lucy had a doctor appointment yesterday where she got weighed (and vaccinated, which I'm betting is the only part she remembers of the whole visit). At close to 6 months, she weighs in at 12 1/2 pounds, and is nearly 25 inches long! Her weight is *almost* on the chart, and her height is in the 18th percentile. Go Lucy!

At the appointment, we got the go-ahead to start giving her something to eat besides rice cereal. Here is her first experimentation with peas:

She was unimpressed.

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Bekah said...

you know, she pretty much looks unamused in every single picture now. I she becoming a bit of a DIVA? haha! I love the pictures though and I love hearing an update. And Allison has now surpassed her in weight (13 lbs now) and is the same height. Poor girl caught RSV though and is super sick. She should bet better soon though.