Thursday, December 6, 2007

Little elf

I love Lucy's Christmas pj's- I pretty much leave them on her all day long at this point, and I took waaaay to many pictures of her in them this morning.
The hat was mine when I was a baby. Lucy just wanted to get it off and then gnaw on it.

It is SO hard to get Lucy to smile for the camera, but I finally got this out of her:
I'm still trying to capture her *really* happy smile. It's this fantastic wide-open mouth thing that makes her get the best dimples on her upper cheeks, right under her eyes.

This is her "Mom. Are you SERIOUSLY not done taking pictures yet?" face.

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Amy said...

OH! Those pictures are so CUTE! I love the outfit and hat. The last picture is a classic! I remember trying to take the boys picture for our Christmas card two years ago, and I probably took 70 pictures trying to get the best one... The last dozen or so, they were giving me that same look!