Saturday, December 15, 2007

Six months!

Lucy turned six months old today! Here are a few things about Lucy at six months old:

-She has the best, cartoon-style frown we have ever seen. It's like an upside down letter U, and if you laugh at her when she's doing it, she gets even angrier.

-She has started making this fantastic bird-of-prey sort of screech, like some sort of really loud falcon. We have yet to determine whether it's a happy or a mad noise, and I'm not sure she knows either.

-The best way to get her to laugh is to act like a total idiot, preferably in the form of singing and dancing.

-She fits in all of her newborn clothes width-wise, but she has to wear her 6 months clothes for things to fit her length-wise.

-She hates hates hates getting dressed.

-She really loves watching football on tv.

-She sometimes sucks on her big toe like most kids suck on their thumb.

-She has a little scar on her wrist from one of her IV's in the hospital.

-She is getting a respectable amount of fluffy hair all over her head, except for an enormous bald spot in back (which is showing no signs of hair growth whatsoever).

-She has one really long tuft of hair in front. She lost the rest of her hair at about 4 months, but that piece stuck around.

-She loves the Christmas tree, even the pokey needle part of the Christmas tree.

-She can almost sit up by herself, but shows a lot more interest in just laying around while we do her bidding.

-Her eyes look like they're going to stay blue like her Daddy's.

-She has yet to get through a doctor's appointment without peeing all over the table and/or scale, and/or nurse.

Happy six month birthday Lucy!!!


Lauriann Wakefield said...

Oh your list makes me laugh. I can't wait for Jack to get there. All he does is scowl a lot right now.
Lucy is one funny girl.

In the thick of it said...

I love her little tuft of hair! That's so cute. She's gorgeous, if I haven't already told you that. Happy 6 Months, Lucy!