Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is this blog of which you speak?

Why, hello there. It really has been a ridiculous amount of time since I've updated this. Since I've been away, Lucy has gone and turned 21 months old. While this might not seem like a shocking development to you, I can assure you that the speed at which she is growing up is bizarre, and more than a little surreal.

Care for some Lucy minutia?

At 21 months, Lucy is totally fabulous. She is still a pretty happy, good-natured kid, and the moments she has exhibited terrible-two behavior I have successfully blamed on teething. I plan to use that excuse until she heads off to college.

Her favorite things include: the park, Ernie and Elmo (not actually watching them on tv though. Mostly she just delights in spotting them on her diapers), all things Doggie, books, the library, berries, anything she can dip in ketchup (and there is nothing she can't dip in ketchup, by the way), m&m's from grandma's house, Super Why, "friends" (which is basically any child she sees anywhere), and her rocking horse (which was supposed to be a birthday present, but neither Sterling or I have the slightest shred of self-restraint).

Her least favorite things are: teeth brushing, diaper changing, finding water instead of juice in her sippy cup, and being refused any manner of treat that she has requested.

She is still super verbal, and has been coming up with some real sentences lately. It's both adorable and a little wierd to be driving around, and hear from the back seat "The doggy says 'ruff, ruff'". Or, "I wanna go to Papa's house". So grown-up. It seems like we are about two seconds away from her telling us that she needs an IPhone or that she wants to dye her hair pink.

Anyway, on to pictures!

The birthday rocking horse. She loves it, and tells it "giddy-up horsey", which is brain-meltingly cute. By the way, this is the fabulous smile she gives for the camera now about half of the time.


Bekah said...

and she finally looks big enough to be 21 months old! I am astounded by her verbal abilities. Do you realize how advanced she is? Allison is 3 months behind and she still says a few words. None on a regular basis, and generally prefers to screech or whine until I guess what she wants. She is adorable. And your picture taking skills are very good!

Just wait, in another 2 years she'll be saying things like "I really wish I was 10 years old so I could reach things and ride a real horse." As Evan told me today. He thinks 10 years-old is very old and often asks adults if they are 10 years old. And when they tell him they are older he asks, in awe "Are you twenty?" Ha!

Andrea said...

I'm so excited that you updated....She is darling! I love her bright blue eyes and cute personality. My boys were not the verbal type but Leah has been much better. It is soooo nice when they talk!

Janine said...

What a cutie! I love the scrunchy faced smile. Rocking horses are the best.

Heather said...

Yay! You posted again! I love Lucy's hair - the bangs are darling! Isn't it so weird and awesome all at once to hear your child talk? I have to say, I'm impressed that she's talking so well so early! Max says TONS of words, but he keeps his phrases down to three words. Everyday is a surprise with toddlers, huh?

Marlene Scoville said...

About time you posted. Super cute pictures. And I know everyone is saying this, but seriously, her verbal skills are above and beyond. You'd better start looking into preschools for the gifted!

Lauri's Photography said...

so glad you're back! and a chance to read what's going on in your mind.