Monday, March 23, 2009

No nap for the Lucy

This morning I was congratulating myself on how long it had been since Lucy had given us a truly hard time when going down for a nap or for the night. Which is the precise reason she has now been in her crib screaming for the past 30 minutes. It's a pity how very little time you're allowed to feel smug when you're a mom. Anyway, here's some pictures before I go rescue her from her misery.


Marianne & Clayton said...

I just made the same comment to my mother about being smug. One good night of sleep (well- longer naps) and I made the mistake of mentioning it. Only to have it followed by two nights of horror. Suckers.
Ok- but on to Lucy. She is a baby book illustration. Especially in the last shot. Nice work!

Janine said...

Nothing like the wee one to let you know you really aren't in charge. I just had a similar incident this week. We were supposed to be going somewhere fun with friends after the nap, but instead Cora went as a cranky baby who had just spent a half an hour screaming in bed-- definitely not as fun.

You take wonderful pictures of Lucy!

Andrea said...

You take such great shots of Lucy. It is so frustrating when they don't want to nap. Nap time is just golden!