Thursday, September 11, 2008

Perfect day

My goodness, what a fabulous, relaxing birthday I've had. I went running with Lucy in the morning. After that we went and visited my mom at her first grade classroom (it's her birthday too- happy birthday mom!) Then we came home and shared a sandwich from Kneaders. Turkey on ciabatta-mmm. Then we made some birthday brownies, Sterling came home for lunch, Lucy went down for a nap (two hours!), and I vegged on the couch nearly the whole time (I did rouse myself to go and grab a brownie. Way to go me).

After Lucy's nap, I grabbed blankets, books, brownies and the camera, and she and I ventured out in to our increasingly jungley backyard for a couple of hours. It was the perfect temperature, there were birds everywhere, hardly any bugs, and I think we both could have stayed out there all day. We nearly did, until Lucy wandered right through a enormous pile of poop. Thank you, neighbor dog. It was still so great though-pretty much the perfect day. And I still have tonight! After Lucy goes to bed, it's all about the couch, pizza, hanging with The Boy. And naturally, more brownies. (and lest you think my birthday celebrations will only last one day, Sterling is taking me on a fabulous date Saturday night while my parents watch Lucy. Thanks mom and dad!)

(I can't believe a picture taken while my camera balanced on a stuffed animal actually worked. It's a birthday miracle!)


Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Shauna!!!

Sounds like a heavenly day...enjoy your date on Saturday too!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! That is really an amazing picture taken by the stuffed animal!

If you drop in on my blog today, I'm doing a giveaway, and today's the last day to enter. Maybe you could get a late birthday present :)

Bekah said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry it's a day late! It does sound like a fabulous day!

heather... said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! I LOVE the teeny pigtails, and the picture of the two of you at the end is ADORABLE!

Jeanne said...

Happy birthday