Friday, May 23, 2008


So we're back from Omaha, and despite some teething and a couple of long nights, Lucy and I had a fabulous time with Bekah and her cute kids. Lucy was an angel on the plane both ways (as were the ladies who sat next to me and didn't mind that Lucy kicked them nearly the entire time she was nursing), and she had lots of fun learning new tricks from Allison, who happens to be nearly walking at 8 months. (So advanced! I'm pretty sure Harvard is just around the corner for her)

We arrived home on Monday, and I've been swamped since then with some new freelance work that I'm trying desperately to squeeze in during Lucy's naps. So this is as much of an update as I might be doing for a little while, but there are lots of things I need to write about. Like the fact that Lucy is saying actual, real words. And that she is finally moving around a little (using only her arms to pull her, and only with a lot of coaxing). And how she is turing a year old in 3 weeks, and could someone please slow down time, because HOLY CRAP, my baby is turning a year old in 3 weeks.

Until we get to all of that though, here are some pictures from the trip. Sorry Evan, I didn't mean to leave you out-it's just that the little girls were a lot more likely to stay put when the camera was out.

So. Stinking. Cute.


Lauri's Photography said...

no way! She's going to be one soon! Somehow it still seems so far away, that there's no way it's been a year all ready. I agree with the slow down time thing. At least we have our photos to remind us. :)

Marianne & Clayton said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Matching pigtails? You are killing me. So adorable. I had already blog-stalked your friend and continued to read her blog as her kids are so cute. I'm glad you had so much fun. Call me so we can play when your work is done.

Bekah said...

Awww! We miss you! It was so much fun and about two mornings after you left I woke up thinking, I need to tell Shauna about this (what it was I can't remember). I was sad to remember that you were gone. Those are some great photos. I miss little cautious Lucy so much. I was swirling bead above Allison and thought of Lucy's wincing everytime I tried after they had dropped. It made me smile.

Heather Keele said...

I can't believe she's going to be one already! I totally know what you mean about time going by way too fast - it honestly freaks me out sometimes. The key is to just appreciate every stage and phase they're in (even if it is teething...not fun).

I can't get over her pigtails - too stinking cute! Also, how did you keep her calm on the plane? We're taking Max on a six hour flight to North Carolina in a couple days and I'm freaking out!

TMo said...

Cute pictures of the girlies, it was nice meeting you!

Heather said...

They are so stinking cute!