Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Lucy's on the tail end of a looong nap, so I thought I'd try and get up an entry really quick. Seems like the poor kiddo is finally teething, and this is the first time she's slept all day. So sad. In other milestone news, Lucy did her first sign today! I've been putting in a meager effort at teaching her a few signs for things, and she recognizes them, but so far there's been no real reciprocation. But today after lunch she kept patting her jaw area, and I finally realized she was asking for water! I'm really hoping my poor thirsty babe hasn't been asking for water for weeks without me even noticing. Nothing like being completely ignored to really bolster the learning process.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of Ster and Lucy up the canyon over the weekend. Lucy is utterly in love with the outside. She gets all quiet and still, and just *looks*. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

(and yes, I know I never post pictures with me in them- Sterling will have to be talked in to picking up the camera for that to happen. Which means I will have to be talked in to putting the camera down).


Jeanne, Jason, Tyler and Dash said...

It's okay Burr isn't that bad to look at

Lauri's Photography said...

oh ya, I forgot about sign language, again. i need to look it up.
so cute that she's learning. :)

And probably good that we're not going to the petting zoo tomorrow. It's so cold.