Thursday, January 31, 2008

This and That

Just some pictures from January that hadn't made their way to the blog yet...

The only way Lucy will tolerate tummy time. But I'm pretty sure when she does it like this, we can just go ahead and call it "lounging time".

Is it a smile? Is it a grimace? We may never know.

To avoid any further confusion, in the future Lucy will maintain no facial expression whatsoever.

An attempt at a picture of Lucy and I. I'm trying to hold the camera...

...and Lucy is trying to eat the lens cap.

Delicious lens cap.

Lucy can't get enough of staring out the front window, especially if we're watching for daddy to come home.

Lucy, saluting all of her things that have been made in China. Of lead.

Mmm, lead.

1 comment:

Lauri said...

I love all these. They are so fun to look at. Now I can't wait for Jack to do more than just lay on his back.