Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Head Gear

Let's discuss hairware for baby girls, shall we?

Exhibit A:

Sorry for the disturbing image. No, of course I'm not referring to the child, she's just lovely. I'm talking about the 12 pound hair bow perched upon the poor kid's head.

And then we have this one. Oh my heavens, this one may actually be giving me hives. Please note that they couldn't find a real live child with a head large enough or a neck strong enough to be the model.

There are endless examples. I could devote an entire blog to it. My google search for "homemade baby bows" has pretty much been the most entertaining thing I've done all week. But here's my point: I have been a mom to a baby girl for over six months now, and thus far I have managed to successfully avoid the wide world of Terrifyingly Large Hair Accessories. But Lucy, poor Lucy, was in need of *something* for her little fuzzy duck head.

You'd be amazed how difficult it is to find anything not layered with lace, organza, taffeta, fake flowers, 4 pattern of ribbons, and/or looking like it's straight from the Bedazzler factory. But, I have prevailed. I present to you, a nice simple headband, covered in your choice of kicky vintage fabrics. (not to mention, they fit me too...which I'll definitely keep in mind if I ever decide to move past the super awesome ponytail I've been rocking since Lucy's birth).

Notice how nicely it's causing the 3 inch hair spike to act like a respectable set of bangs! I'll post the link to where I got it at some point. Also, I'm pretty sure they'd take about 3 minutes to make, if I were so inclined. (sadly, they only take like 3 seconds to buy. You see my quandry).


Jeanie said...

I love Lucy's headband. And seriously, whoever made those bows needs to be hung. Who would do that to a kid?

In the thick of it said...

So cute! I have seen the monstrosities that pass for baby girl bows. At a Christmas craft show I attended there was an entire stall filled with them. Who is buying these things?

And if it makes you feel any better, us moms of boys face our own dilemmas - like tacky monster truck appliques on all t-shirts. Why? Seriously. WHY??

Bekah said...

Ahhh! Yes. I did find some cute headbands at Clair's of all places but they only had two. So much for selection. And I found some tiny bow clips at a store but that's about it. Everything else was lace, or huge or just plain ugly! Glad you found a cute one!

Synergy said...

You might need to forward those links to Child Protective Services. Come one! I think I know who buys them though. Mothers who don't understand the maxim that every baby is beautiful. They also don't understand that no amount of magic on top is going to make a difference three inches below. Then again, these are the moms that will enter their wee ones into the toddler beauty pageants. They buy them dentures (dentures!)to make them all look like little newscasters! And spray on tans, but I wont go into that. (At least I hope they are spray on.) Lucy, however, looks adorable as always. I love that you have impeccable taste. Good work.

Lauri said...

Your writing always makes me laugh! I love it!
You're right, buying is so much nicer. It's like dinner is so much nicer when someone else makes it. Rather than make it yourself. :)
The problem with my boy, is the drawer full of overalls with little dogs, or bears on them that we got as gifts. And of course they're all blue. And not a cute denim, with a retro dog. No, they are corduroy, or quilted, or too embarrassing to put on any boy.
Can we ask for the end of giving baby clothes from the clearance rack? They're on clearance because nobody thought they were cute.
Enough with my soap box, this after all, is about giant bows on babies, and you know how I feel about them. Sadly, they will curse baby's heads for decades to come.

Mindy Williams said...

I almost wet my pants when I read this. Seriously, it is a real tragedy when women actually buy these things. Someone should be shot for making them, except that I wish I could think of them and sucker money out of people! Hee Hee. Of course, as usual, Lucy is adorable and your taste is still intact, even after becoming a Mom! :)

Janine said...

This entry really had me and Brian laughing. We had to fend off my mother-in-law over Christmas and explain we don't put rubber constriction bands on our baby's head. Eeeek! keep up the awesome writing!