Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Girl

There is nothing like Lucy's birthday to pull me out of blogger hiding, mostly so I can complain, again, about how grown-up this kid is getting. I know, moms never seem to stop marvelling at their kids growing up, like there is something utterly unexpected about it. But watching her change into an actual little person really is a surprisingly surreal experience.

Anyway, birthday #3 was great. It was the first time she could really look forward to a birthday, and she got a lot of mileage out of it. (As did we, what with all the bribery and the no-birthday-for-you threats). In the morning we went to a sprinkler park with a bunch of her little friends, where she showed off her cute new swim suit and her fear of spraying water (perhaps not the best thinking with the sprinkler park).

When daddy got home, we gave Lucy her big present, a little pink PowerWheels. She rode it all around the little dead end street by our house, and loved it, but she is in serious need of some remedial steering lessons.

That night we had a little family party with Aunt Heather and Uncle Jeffry, where she consumed her weight in marshmallows, opened a ton of awesome presents, stayed up far too late, and discovered in general that birthdays are a pretty cool gig. She asked me this morning if she could have another birthday today, and she didn't take well to the whole "in a year" thing.

Feel that wind a-blowin' through your hair (at 1.5 mph)

Lucy, wondering why on earth mom made her another embarassing birthday hat, and how long before she can possible sneak it off.

Lamb cake, BEFORE (this cake was requested by Lucy, I think mainly because it beat out every other cake in the all important category of "pounds of high fructose corn syrup per square inch")

Lamb cake, AFTER. This is why animal/people shaped cakes are a tiny bit bizarre to me. Because you're going to EAT THEM. I guess nothing screams "delicious after-dinner dessert" like sugary little lamb carnage.

Lucy, hyped up on about 4 servings of sugary little lamb.


Heather said...

She is just a doll! I'm totally with you about lamenting the way time goes by so fast. Not cool. But, at the same time, I also agree that it's pretty spectacular to see your child turn into a little person. And I LOVE that hat you made. I've been planning on making one for Max this year (maybe a crown?) and this just confirmed it.

P.S. -- I just thought you should know that Kev and I are already planning on setting Lucy and Max up on a blind date when they're teenagers. ;)

charith said...

The hat is so great! The cake is the coolest! Did you make the cake too? Love it. Lucy is so cute. I love the look on her face while riding the pink four wheeler. She's in heaven.

Kate said...

oh my goodness, I had no idea you had a blog!
That cake is so stinking cute, and not to mention Lucy :) She is adorable as usual! Happy Birthday Lucy!

Baguleys said...

What a darling girl. You did a great job on the cake by the way!

Marianne & Clayton said...

Perfection. The cake, the swimsuit, the girl. It's all just so sweet and perfect. I love it. More please.

Amy said...

No way, she's THREE already? ? ?

I can't believe it--where does the time go? Happy birthday cute Lucy!

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snowflower said...

O my gosh Lucy is such a cuuute baby:D Yeah my little baby sister also wants to have a birthday everyday...and sometimes she manages to get it too:P she's our darling. btw, I love the cake idea:)

mj said...

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