Sunday, June 28, 2009


We are officially in Washington, and the move is offically OVER. (If I can call it "over", when my garage is still occupied by packed boxes instead of cars. I think I totally can). There is a ton of updating to do, including a post on Lucy's birthday, but that can come later, mostly since I'm still a little bit in denial about my baby being two.

So, instead, here is a picture post from our first little adventure here in Washington. We took a trip around Hood River, Mt. Adams, and then in to Mt. Rainier National Park over the weekend. It was a lot of fun, and nice to get away from the unpacking that I have lost all motivation to continue. Lucy was a champ during all the hours in the car, and was adorably delighted with every little thing she saw on our hikes. Deer, elk, trees, pinecones, bumblebees, rocks, grass...all were equalling thrilling for our little nature girl.

And now for the countless pictures...mostly for family in Utah, who Lucy is missing in the worst way. (by the way, she really does own more than one set of clothes. Somehow these were all taken on the same day).

By the way, lets not discuss how grown up Lucy looks in these pictures. The little braids are killing me. It's like she's only moments away from her college applications or something. Sob.


Alison said...

what GORGEOUS pics!!!!!

Marianne & Clayton said...

Magical pictures. I'm glad you are safe and sound. Packing sucks, but in my mind I have some Mary Poppins idea that un-packing is super fun. No? Hmmm... By the way- bad news. Michigan offered C a whole bunch of money, so we are going there instead. Waaaaa!

Marlene Scoville said...

Glad you're all settled and liking it.

And I agree, there is something big-girlish about braids.

Mindy Williams said...

Um, so most people lose boxes when they move, but it appears that you lost like 50 lbs! What the heck? Has it been so long since I saw you? No, what is the secret, my dear. I REALLY need to know. Can't wait to rendezvous this fall. Missing you. See if you can find Melinda's Way!

polka dots said...

Shauna- i found your blog from your facebook. Impressed with your remodel (from previous post). Glad you are here in Pasco!!!

this is Kristin

Lauri's Photography said...

I can't help but say she looks so grown up, especially in the black and white one.
How is it that we've gone through big changing life stuff at the same time!
And our garage is still full of stuff and no cars.