Thursday, August 7, 2008

Old news

We took a trip to Colorado in June for our niece's wedding (we drove, and I can report with authority that 8 hours in a car with an 12 month old is about as awesome as it sounds). Besides the drive, the trip was great, and I just realized I had never posted any pictures. So here you go...

My cute niece Lexi with Lucy. And Lucy with her beloved teething tablet container. I'm not sure the actual teething tablets work, but the container works wonders.

Lucy with the lens cap, her second most beloved teething-toy-that's-not-meant-to-be-a-teething-toy. I'm pretty sure she has not once teethed on an actual teething device.

Sterling's brother Marlin with Lucy. Again, with the lens cap. Sweet, predictable, teething Lucy.

Sterling with our cute nephew Christian.

Christian, Lucy and Lexi

Sweet little nephew Dawson, looking all handsome and serious.

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heather... said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!