Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The huge news of the day is that Lucy slept in her crib for the first time last night, the same crib where she is currently taking a nap! (up until this point, we've been doing serious construction on the nursery, and she's been sleeping with me, on the couch. Not so much fun). Over the weekend we got enough of the nursery finished to put up the crib, and last night Lucy finally got to try it out. (at which point she promptly christened the thing by peeing all over it through her diaper. Hurray for the vinyl mattress pad I put on at the last minute!)

A trial run yesterday.

This morning, sleeping soundly.

A preliminary shot of some of the nursery. More to come after we put up the finishing touches. Notice the beautiful beadboard, mouldings, doors and closet, all done by my fabulous husband, and all with a minumum of profanity.

We're not ready to move her in quite yet, but I had to hang up at least one little dress!

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Bekah said...

That looks fabulous! I love it! Did you get my message about the valances I found at Target? Not sure if they are still there but probably if you wanted them. I'm glad she's sleeping in the crib for you. I don't think Evan did until he was 4 months old! ha! I was reminding myself this morning that if I were you, I'd have a week-old baby at this point! I can't believe Lucy is coming up on 3 months old!